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Welcome Precision Auto reels

August 14th, 2009

prec power pac_2

South Chatham Tackle has now teamed up with Precision Auto Reels to bring you the complete package.  If you are in the market for an Electric fishing reel and battery pack check with us first, we have it all and can put together a complete package or if it’s only a part you need we can help you out .

Rare visit

August 4th, 2009

Got a call this afternoon from Capt Dave, said he was in the area and could stop by.  After 27 calls to help with directions, as our shop is in the middle of nowhere he and his son Zack pulled up.  We had a great visit , he and his son both rapid firing questions one after the next .  What does this do, how does that work , let me try .  It’s always great to have talented folks stop by because before long they are coming up with some of the best new product ideas . I have always said our products are end user driven.  We make what you want.  Well before they left we had designed several new fishing tools and some other fiendish  devices.  What a thrill can’t wait until the next visit .

Congratulations Capt Stanman

August 3rd, 2009

stan at weigh inStans king

Stan does it again using  South Chatham tackle’s 2 piece custom King tournament gaff . This time he placed second overall and first in 23′ and under with a 37+lb King in the Raleigh saltwater fishing clubs’ 25 annual King Mackerel tournament .

an unsolicited  quote from Stan

at the Nationals last year, we stabbed a 42 lb fish  with one of Bob’s gaffs, then needed a back up gaff to get the fish over the gunwale, due to an injury that the gaffer was recuperating from. The hook came out of the back up gaff and the fish fell back in the water but Bob’s gaff held the fish on until we could get another gaff in her.

I gave the old gaff to Bob at the Get Together for him to show others what a cheap gaff does and how it can cost you dearly.

Bob doesnt make something and put it on the market for you to test. We have been field testing his gaff for about 3 years. He has made a few improvements to make his gaff the very finest there is in the marketplace. Don’t lose a big fish b/c of a poorly made gaff.”

The gaff is a 2 piece 12′ aluminum gaff that screws apart for easy storage yet strong enough to pull in that 60lb fish in with no worries . The handle is hard coat anodized for good looks and durability. The gaff comes with a storage bag . If you are interested in one give us a call I have 2 of them in stock .


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