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Busy getting ready for BFT season

September 6th, 2009

We have been working our tails off getting ready for the Blue fin tuna season. We have been making Harpoons , swim hooks Flying gaff hooks and handles. Most of the machining is done and we will be sending parts out to be anodized and electro ploished. I used to polish all our products by hand but no more . I had a flying gaff hook ripped fron my hands and tear through my leg and a swim hook snatched from my grip hit me in the head and then fly about 30 ft hitting the ceiling and then a wall.  I quit buffing by hand….. Electro polishing gives us about 500% better corrosion resistance, so it is a good move for us, it cost a little more but much better in the end.

We have designed a new dehooker tool with a vent tool built into the handle .  We have applied for a patent and hope this product takes off


We have also developed a new Thunder head for our harpoons. it fits in our flying gaff handles and gives a lot more weight were it is needed .We will offer them as a stand alone Harpoon or in the combo with a flying gaff hook. or swimming hook . They can be purchased as a retro fit for our Flying gaff handles as we make all our tools to be interchangeable.

TH with dart

On a technical note we are machining the retaining slot for our tools a little bit deeper.  These are the slots that the thumb screw tightens into. We have had a few customers using the nylon screw instead of the SS thumb screw.

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