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Fishermen’s Rally in D.C.

February 6th, 2010
To Seek Congressional Support On February 24

Only by working together will the recreational and commercial fisheries survive. Some may have differing opinions of what type of management they want, but the one common impact we are all suffering from is overly restrictive regulations, the common thread negatively affecting us and our communities.


The commercial and recreational fishing industry will gather in Washington DC on February 24, 2010, for the SAVE OUR JOBS – Fix Magnuson NOW rally. Speeches by Senators and Congressmen begin at 12:00 Noon. This blog will be updated as final plans and logistics fall into place.

This is the first time commercial and recreational fishermen and fish related businesses have joined ranks on a national issue. The goal is to improve the direction of fish management by the National Marine Fisheries Service and the Fisheries Management Councils.

Fishermen from all coastal states and the Great Lakes are invited to gather at the reserved space near the steps of the Capitol by 11:00 AM on February 24th.

United we fish web site

February 6th, 2010

Some good words from Amanda in FL.

January 3rd, 2010

I went fishing with some friends a few days ago. We were bottom fishing / jigging in 200 – 400′ of water all day. The first fish in the boat was a 25# Red Snapper (its pic is in the recent photos here). I brought out my SCT Dehooker Vent Tool I had packed in my “travel bag” and they were mighty impressed by it. We used it all day on snapper, mingos, and AJs to 50#s, (unfortunately the target Grouper had lock jaw for us). The whole crew liked it and commented on it throughout the day, from “that thing is badazz”…. to “that is pretty sweet”. I sent them your way for their own. Very Happy This dehooker is really great, and having the vent tool in the handle is so so convenient, the whole combo makes it quick to release the fish! I love it.

AmandaFla ad dehook vent

Blue fin season is on

October 31st, 2009

Well the fleet in NJ have been whackin and stackin this month. A couple of NC boats ran up there to partake with mixed results.  Some did OK and others could not get the hang of their style of fishing “chunking” .  In NC “chunking” does not seem to work as good as it does a few hundred miles north, why that is remains a mystery..

We have been working on the new weighted  Harpoon  it weighs in at 7 lbs and has a 6′ handle . The head is 10″s of 1″ diameter brass with a 22″ x 7/16ths dia. stainless steer iron screwed in. In the other end is a full 12″ piece of brass counter weight, the overall length is 8′ and is balanced great . This Harpoon is well suited for a Center console boat but not limited to center consoles,  it will work well in the roomiest of cockpits. All the Captains and mates that have tried this harpoon agree it is sweet and will do the job.  With the extra weight and great balance this harpoon can be thrown with deadly accuracy or used close in for an effective stab.  The handles come in 6′ Gold or Black  aluminum , and from 6′ to 12′ Stainless steel. Handles longer than 6′ will have to be picked up in either Sanford NC or Morehead city.  We are selling the Harpoon in just about any configuration you want,  with a dart and rope and buoy ball .  Anyway you want it we will fix it up for you just give us a call . 919-542-1869    harpoon weighted

Busy getting ready for BFT season

September 6th, 2009

We have been working our tails off getting ready for the Blue fin tuna season. We have been making Harpoons , swim hooks Flying gaff hooks and handles. Most of the machining is done and we will be sending parts out to be anodized and electro ploished. I used to polish all our products by hand but no more . I had a flying gaff hook ripped fron my hands and tear through my leg and a swim hook snatched from my grip hit me in the head and then fly about 30 ft hitting the ceiling and then a wall.  I quit buffing by hand….. Electro polishing gives us about 500% better corrosion resistance, so it is a good move for us, it cost a little more but much better in the end.

We have designed a new dehooker tool with a vent tool built into the handle .  We have applied for a patent and hope this product takes off


We have also developed a new Thunder head for our harpoons. it fits in our flying gaff handles and gives a lot more weight were it is needed .We will offer them as a stand alone Harpoon or in the combo with a flying gaff hook. or swimming hook . They can be purchased as a retro fit for our Flying gaff handles as we make all our tools to be interchangeable.

TH with dart

On a technical note we are machining the retaining slot for our tools a little bit deeper.  These are the slots that the thumb screw tightens into. We have had a few customers using the nylon screw instead of the SS thumb screw.

Welcome Precision Auto reels

August 14th, 2009

prec power pac_2

South Chatham Tackle has now teamed up with Precision Auto Reels to bring you the complete package.  If you are in the market for an Electric fishing reel and battery pack check with us first, we have it all and can put together a complete package or if it’s only a part you need we can help you out .

Rare visit

August 4th, 2009

Got a call this afternoon from Capt Dave, said he was in the area and could stop by.  After 27 calls to help with directions, as our shop is in the middle of nowhere he and his son Zack pulled up.  We had a great visit , he and his son both rapid firing questions one after the next .  What does this do, how does that work , let me try .  It’s always great to have talented folks stop by because before long they are coming up with some of the best new product ideas . I have always said our products are end user driven.  We make what you want.  Well before they left we had designed several new fishing tools and some other fiendish  devices.  What a thrill can’t wait until the next visit .

Congratulations Capt Stanman

August 3rd, 2009

stan at weigh inStans king

Stan does it again using  South Chatham tackle’s 2 piece custom King tournament gaff . This time he placed second overall and first in 23′ and under with a 37+lb King in the Raleigh saltwater fishing clubs’ 25 annual King Mackerel tournament .

an unsolicited  quote from Stan

at the Nationals last year, we stabbed a 42 lb fish  with one of Bob’s gaffs, then needed a back up gaff to get the fish over the gunwale, due to an injury that the gaffer was recuperating from. The hook came out of the back up gaff and the fish fell back in the water but Bob’s gaff held the fish on until we could get another gaff in her.

I gave the old gaff to Bob at the Get Together for him to show others what a cheap gaff does and how it can cost you dearly.

Bob doesnt make something and put it on the market for you to test. We have been field testing his gaff for about 3 years. He has made a few improvements to make his gaff the very finest there is in the marketplace. Don’t lose a big fish b/c of a poorly made gaff.”

The gaff is a 2 piece 12′ aluminum gaff that screws apart for easy storage yet strong enough to pull in that 60lb fish in with no worries . The handle is hard coat anodized for good looks and durability. The gaff comes with a storage bag . If you are interested in one give us a call I have 2 of them in stock .


Shark tournament wins

July 29th, 2009

We have had some excitement this summer on two different occasions South Chatham Tackle Flying gaff and Swimming hooks were used to score big wins .  Capt Bob Gerkins won the Beach Haven Blue Marlin clubs Shark tournament. After destroying both of his gaffs he had to go below and bring out the Tuna Swimming hook to make the final stab to control the 189lb Mako for the bang shot.  Just recently the crew of Going Deeper placed third in the  OBMST using a SCT flying gaff.  Congratulations to both teams ….   We also calculated over 1/2 million $$$ being won using the Tarpon Swimming hook in Boca Grande this summer in tournament wins

The crew of Going Deeper with 299lb Thresher

The crew of Going Deeper with 299lb Thresher

Capt Bob Gerkins and crew with 189 lb Mako

Capt Bob Gerkins and crew with 189 lb Mako

Electric reel battery

July 29th, 2009

Well we have just about nailed the Deep Six battery pac down.  We have been testing it and are happy with our findings , the pac has stood up to the rigors of deep sea fishing well. There are 2 models, the standard and the pro . basically the only difference between the two is the receptical cover plate.  The standard has a Leviton duplex cover plate and the Pro has a Hubbell  mono super delux cover.  The Battery box has many uses,  it can be used in emergencies to run radios, pumps, lights, computers, start a car or truck and the list goes on.   They will power 2 Precision Auto reels for multiple days of fishing.

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