De-hooker Push/Pull Style with Venting Tool

Stainless Steel De-Hooker for removing all hooks from fish.

Can be used to dislodge hooks from bottom fish such as grouper, snappers, and sea bass safely.

This hook remover meets requirements for State and Federal laws under Amendment 27/14 for reef fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and the state of Florida.

De-hooker is 12 inches long and has an Ergonomic offset handle for better control and comfort, with end caps.

This De-Hooker comes with approved venting tool that safely fits in the handle for convenient storage.  Vent Tool is easy to remove when you need to vent fish for a healthy release. 

(Photo uses 2 Vent Tools to demonstrate how it fits into the handle. You will recieve 1 De-Hooker and 1 Vent Tool.)

Price: $44.95


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