SRA Tamer Spinning Reel Adapter Tool

Price: $86.95


SRA Tamer Spinning Reel Adapter Tool

When combined with the Super Spooler, the SRA Tamer is a tool that allows you to use a mounted drill motor to install fishing line to your spinning reel spool.  With the aid of the SRA Tamer, you can install line with as much drag tension as you want.

This tool does not come with the spinning reel spool adapters or mandrel. Please watch the video to fully understand how it functions. Additional parts are required. The complete system consists of a Super Spooler, SRA tamer, and the appropriate size spool adapter.

You will recieve one Aluminum SRA Tamer Tool, one square cap for your Super Spooler post, one screw for mounting, one washer, and one nut for easy assembly (as shown in third photo). 


View this short video to see a demonstration:





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