Thunder Head Harpoon with Dart

Will be made when Ordered-- up to 2 week turnaround
Price: $345.00


The new Thunder Head Harpoon weighs in at 7 lbs and has a one-piece 6 foot handle . The head is 9 inches of 1″ diameter brass with a 22″ x 7/16ths dia. stainless steel iron screwed in. Balanced well by a brass counter weight, the overall length is 8 feet. This Harpoon is well suited for a center console boat but will work well in the roomiest of cockpits. With the extra weight and great balance, this harpoon can be thrown with deadly accuracy or used close in for an effective stab. All the Captains and mates who have tried this harpoon agree it is sweet and will do the job. 

This harpoon comes with a hard coat anodized aluminum handle, stainless steel screw-in iron, and a stainless steel dart attached to 4' of vinyl coated stainless steel cable.

Stainless Steel handle avaliable for an extra $30.

You can find buoy balls with 3-strand black nylon rope in our Accessories category to compliment this Harpoon. 


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