How To Use an Anchor Ball

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How to Use an Anchor Ball

By Captain Dave Tilley

Don't ya hate to pull the anchor? I do. I even hate for someone else to pull my anchor. When I fish in open water, ie: offshore, I use alot of rode in deep water and it's a pain to pull it in. I use an anchor ball and here's how it works. An Anchorball is a large orange ball like a buoy. You can find the entire Anchor Retrieval System for sale on the Fishing Tools page of this web site.

When you are ready, open the ring and put it on the anchor rode, then secure it and throw the ball and ring overboard

Now power forward ( My helm is on the starboard side) ( right) and to the left of your rode so that you are arcing around the position of the anchor. It will take some power, but keep the rope at about 5 o'clock from the bow and you will notice the ball will start to ride down the anchor rode.

Keep giving it power till the ball goes under water

Stay on the juice till the ball pops up at the end where the anchor is.

Now turn around and retrieve your anchor that is now on the surface and is easy to take

Stay tuned for more anchor tricks!

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How To Use an Anchor Ball