Pirate Plugs

Pirate Plugs--

Our famous lure-- cast and finished in-house. Available in several sizes and colors. 

How To Rig Video-- click here

Fishing with the Pirate Plug

The Pirate Plug is a unique trolling lure that can turn a bad day of fishing into a great day.  The Pirate Plug can be trolled with a ballyhoo or a cigar minnow.  The weighted sloped head keeps the bait running straight and always diving down.  This lure can make an amateur bait rigger look like a pro.  When used with our rigging style your bait will not spin and it will track straight with a vigorous swimming action.
The Pirate Plug can be pulled at speeds from 1 knot to 9 knots with great results.  King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, Barracuda, and Amber Jack are just a few of the fish that will inhale this lure.  The lure can be run in the prop wash, on a downrigger, a short outrigger, or a long outrigger.  My personal favorite way to fish it is on an outrigger.  As the boat rocks side to side the lure will be jigged up and down triggering savage strikes.  Make sure you have several when heading out and make sure to check the drag setting on your reels because you will need it.

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