Line Spoolers

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Line Spoolers

Super Spooler

The Super Spooler features a unique tensioning system.  By incorporating a second spool holder with felt washers, it allows you to apply infinite pressure to insure proper installation of mono or braided types of line. Made from the highest quality materials, this unit has a solidly built steel base that is powder coated.  The Super Spooler is an affordable, easy- to- use tool for correctly filling all you reels right at your bench, table or truck bed.

The Super Spooler will hold spools of line in a wide range of sizes. The standard Super Spooler will hold a spool as large as 8”x 8”.  The Super Spooler also comes in a heavy- duty model to hold even larger spools. South Chatham Tackle will customize your spooler anyway you want it.  We have had many requests and are happy to modify our equipment to suit your needs.  For example, we are adding a very accurate line counter to a Super Spooler that will allow professional kite flyers to keep track of the thousands of yards of braid they are loading onto Diawa 80 wide electric reels.

Spinning Reel Adapter




South Chatham Tackle designed the spinning reel adapter to be used with a cordless or power drill to re-spool reel spools with new line. We listened to our customers and they told us they wanted to be able to install both mono and braided line quickly and tightly on spinning reel spools. This adapter allows you to install line quickly and with the proper tension and orientation.  It pairs well with the Super Spooler for the ultimate in line management.

While doing the fishing expos this year we were able to try our adapters on many reels from Avet, Accurate, Diawa, Van Stall, to ZeeBaas and found it works on all skirted spools well.  Adapters come in 3 sizes that range from 1.2” all the way to 3.5” inch inside spool diameter.

GS Line Spooler

The GS Line Spooler fits most boat rod holders. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, the GS Line Spooler features an adjustable tensioner to make sure that all your reels are filled correctly.  This spooler is  perfect for re-spooling during that all important tournament.


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Line Spoolers