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How-To Videos for all our products

How-To-Use videos for our products

Spinning Reel Adapters

Spinning Reel Adapters and Combo Packages--

Accessories to use with our Spoolers and Reel Winders for filling spinning reels.

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Fishing Tools

Fishing Tools--

High quality, hand crafted tools-- built to last a lifetime. 

De-Hookers, Gaffs, Harpoons, Swimming Hooks, and Accessories

Motorized Reel Winders

Motorized Reel Winders--

The latest tool from South Chatham Tackle.  The Motorized Reel Winder can be combined with component parts you already own, or see our customized packages to get the right parts for your reel spooling needs. 

Pirate Plugs

Pirate Plugs--

Our famous lure-- cast and finished in-house. Available in several sizes and colors. 

Rod Holders

Rod Holders


This category contains 2 subcategories