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Super Spoolers/Spool Holders

Spool Holders--

Our Super Spoolers and Mag Brake Spool Holders hold your spools and provide the correct tension on the line. 

Can be used on their own or combined with our Reel Winders and Mortorized Reel Winder. 

Spinning Reel Adapters

Spinning Reel Adapters and Combo Packages--

Accessories to use with our Spoolers and Reel Winders for filling spinning reels.

This category contains 2 subcategories

NEW Speed Spoolers

Speed Spoolers

The Speed Spooler is the newest addition to the South Chatham Tackle Spooling System.  Advancing the design of our popular Super Spooler, the Speed Spooler is equipped with dual brake pads to insure the perfect amount of tension for any re-spooling needs.

The On-Board model is built using anodized aluminum, state-of-the-art plastic, and stainless-steel ball bearings, with stainless-steel fasteners and shaft. These quality materials make it suitable for the harshest environments.

The Table-Top Speed Spooler is built along the same lines as the O-B Model, but housed on an all steel, powder coated frame.  The dual brakes make achieving higher tension levels easier and more consistent.  The Table-Top Speed Spooler can be used with all of our Reel Winders and other tools.  

This category contains 3 subcategories

Reel Winders

Reel Winders

Our Reel Winders are available in three sizes depending on what size range of reels you use. 

Mix and Match with our Combo Packs, Spinning Reel Adapters, and Motors to create your ideal set up for spooling your reels.  Reel Winders can be used with any of our Super Spoolers, Speed Spoolers, or Mag Brake Bulk Spool Holders. 

Motorized Reel Winders

Motorized Reel Winders--

The latest tool from South Chatham Tackle.  The Motorized Reel Winder can be combined with component parts you already own, or see our customized packages to get the right parts for your reel spooling needs. 

Fishing Tools

Fishing Tools--

High quality, hand crafted tools-- built to last a lifetime. 

De-Hookers, Gaffs, Harpoons, Swimming Hooks, and Accessories