Super Spooler Line Spool Holder Silver/Black Textured Metallic

Sometimes extra tension is required to install braided line. To achieve this, we have the Braid Aid Tool. This tool allows you to clamp on the braided line with felt washers to apply infinite pressure. No more burned fingers or need to hold line with a towel. The braid aid works well with Mono also.

This unit comes with a Super Striper that fits into your electric drill and is used to perform many tasks. Simply screw on to a soda bottle, tape the end of line you wish to remove from reel to the bottle and strip it off.  When finished, toss bottle into the recycling bin. If you wish to remove good line and save it place an empty spool on to spool holder and tape line to spool, secure reel and press outer rubber wheel of the Super Striper to spin the empty spool and strip line. Using the Braid Aid, you can also hold the tag end of rigging wire while keeping tension on the spool, preventing the wire from springing off.

When combined with optional Line Winder Spinning Reel Spool Adapters, the Super Spooler allows you to use your cordless drill to load reel spools quickly, easily, and with the proper tension.

Line winder spinning reel spool adapters sold separately

Unit comes with super striper line removal tool

Price: $69.95


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