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Mounting the truck rod rack

Views 927

Venting a fish

Views 1267

Harpoon rigging 101

Views 1087

Using the decoy jig and SCT dehooker

Views 914


Views 1352


Views 1774

Capt. Butch Foster ties a Deep 6 Pirate plug

Views 1163


Views 885

Snelling a Floro Carbon Leader To The Chin Weight

Views 893

How To Rig a Spanish Mackerel on a Chin Weight

Views 881

How To Use An Anchor Ball

Views 909

How To Rig A Ballyhoo on a J Hook Chin Weight

Views 1135

How To Clean A Grouper

Views 896

How To Rig A Ballyhoo on a Circle Hook Chin Weight

Views 1118


SRA Tamer Super Spooler

Views 954

Truck mounted Rod Holder

Views 791

line spooler motorized with disk brake

Views 1043

Super Spooler with line counter

Views 824

Tarpon Swimming hook in action

Views 930

using the Super Spooler

Views 817


Continental Shelf 2008

Views 767

Continental Shelf 2007

Views 756

Fishing In Mexico

Views 836

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