Motorized Line Winder/ Mag Brake / Reel Winder III



Price: $1,660.00


The Motorized Reel Winder III with Mag brake. This unit comes with the Mag brake bulk spool holder. The spool holder can generate line drag more than 25lbs. by simply turning a wheel you can set the tension you want, and it will remain consistent for the duration of your spooling session. This unit also has a digital line counter to help keep track of amount of line being installed.

*Motor box now contains a toggle switch for Forward and Reverse (not pictured)  Also has updated Reel Jacks*

The Reel Winder III is powered by 110 Volt AC switching to DC converter running a 24-volt DC gear motor with a variable rpm speed control knob. The line is guided by the operator using the handy guide tool provided.  Simply plug this into any convenient wall socket and you are ready to go.

This Reel Winder unit will hold most conventional reels including Penn 50’s 60's 70's 80's 130's and Canyon reels, Shimano etc.

This unit comes with a dual locator/hold down bar requiring 1 simple bolt (supplied) to attach to work bench (this unit must be bolted down). 

Plywood board NOT included   


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